Advance Authorisations


Objective of VKGUY is to promote exports of :
  •  (i) Agricultural Produce and their value added products
  • (ii) Minor Forest Produce and their value added variants
  • (iii) Gram Udyog Products
  • (iv) Forest Based Products
  • (v) Other Products, as notified from time to time


Duty Credit Scrip benefits are granted with an aim to compensate high transport costs, and to offset other disadvantages. Exporters, of products notified shall be entitled for Duty Credit Scrip equivalent to 5% of FOB value of exports (in free foreign exchange) for exports made from 27.08.09 onwards. However, for exports made w.e.f 27.08.09, some Flowers,Fruits, Vegetables and other products, as listed shall be entitled to an additional duty credit scrip equivalent to 2% of FOB value of exports; over and above the 5% or 3%.


For exports made during a particular year, all Status Holders (having status recognition for the current year) exporting products covered under ITC HS Chapters to 1 to 24, shall be incentivized with duty credit scrip equal to 10% of FOB value of agricultural exports (including VKGUY benefits entitled under Policy Para 3.13.2) provided that the total benefits for all status holders put together does not exceed Rs 100 Cr (i.e. Rs 50 Cr for each half year). The following capital goods / equipments shall be permitted for import: (i) Cold storage units (including Controlled Atmosphere (CA) and Modified Atmosphere (MA) Stores); Precooling Units and Mother Storage Units for Onions,etc.;

(ii) Pack Houses (including facilities for handling, grading, sorting and packaging etc.);
(iii) Reefer Van / Containers;
and (iv) Other Capital Goods / Equipments as may be notified.

Imported capital goods/equipment shall be utilized for storage, packing etc. (as in (ii) above) and transportation of agricultural products (including agro-processed perishable products).
This additional benefit shall be subject to actual user condition and hence non-transferable.
However, for import of Cold Chain Equipment this Incentive Scrip shall be freely transferable amongst Status holders.

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